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(スティーブン ヘムズリー)Stephen Hemsley
(有)スカイ取締役 Skay Ltd Managing Director

出身:ニュージーランド Place of Birth:Auckland, New Zealand

Born 6.6.66 in Auckland, N.Z. Has a twin brother and sisters, with family members living in various parts of N.Z. and Australia.

 Loves sports, having played and coached soccer for over 40 years as well as being member of school track and field and tennis teams. Also skis, plays golf, bungy jumps and will try ALMOST anything!

 Originally trained in computer systems has also worked on farms in Canada using his farming background from N.Z., been a head swimming instructor at a summer camp in the U.S. as well as a variety of other interesting positions worked part-time in earlier days.

 Hobbies apart from sports include cars (both driving, racing and dreaming of), computers, traveling, fishing, reading and learning new things. Loves spending time with family and friends, bbq, the outdoors, drinking (CHEERS) and meeting new people.

 Stephen spent 7 years traveling around 50 countries whilst working, including 3 years in England and has traveled around various parts of Europe, Africa, Asia, S.E.Asia, North America and Pacific.

 Has been living in Japan since end of 1991 and founded SKAY in 1997. Became a Corporation in 2001 and continues to grow at an impressive rate.

 “I look forward to meeting you. Teaching is an ongoing learning process and the challenge is to make it interesting, challenging and fun whilst providing a positive environment and allowing our students to experience more than just an English lesson.”

 1966年6月6日 ニュージーランドのオークランドで生まれる。双子の弟と姉妹がおり、家族、親族はニュージーランド、オーストラリアの各地に暮らしている。









(トレバー ジョーンズ)Trevor Jones

幼児~大人英会話担当 Senior Instructor Infant-Adult
出身:イギリス Place of Birth:England


I first came to Japan in 1982 to study the Japanese sword arts of kendo and iaido. Since then I have spent a total of 23 years here, continuing with my martial arts studies and becoming qualified as a teacher of English. I now have the TEFL teaching qualification recognised and approved by the British Council, and over ten years teaching experience in Japan and the U.K.

In 1985 I represented Great Britain at the World Kendo Championships in Paris, and served my association in various capacities. At present I contribute articles to "Kendo World" magazine.

I have been working full-time at Skay since June, 2003 and hope to continue living, working and training in the Okayama area fo the foreseeable future.

イギリス出身のトレバー ジョーンズです。






Barbara Korcala-Yamasaki(バーバラ コルツァラ ヤマサキ)
幼児~大人英会話当 Instructor Infant-Adult

出身:ポーランド Place of Birth:Poland


I am a dreamer. I have dreams and I try as hard as I can to make them come true. If finally they cannot be realised, I continue with new dreams! Always looking forward, never back.. The future belongs to us and we have to make every effort to get as much from the world as possible. And let's be happy. We have only one chance to be alive so let's make the most of it!

"The lava changes its way according to the stones, which it
rolls on.
(...) YOU ARE ABLE, so change the lava's way"

("Moral Treatise" Czeslaw Milosz) 




Eric Munene(エリック・ムネネ)
Instructor:Toddler - Adult 幼児~大人英会話当

出身:ケンヤ Place of Birth:Kenya


Born and raised in Kenya, a land rich with natural beauty and cultural heritage.
Being the first born in a family of 3 younger brothers  and 1 younger sister,
i always could find myself trying my best, putting an extra effort  in all that i  put my hand on. 
I can describe myself in two words, spiritual and ambitious.

I came to Japan as a foreign student,first as a Japanese language student 
and later joining a university where i pursued International  Economy.
And one year upon graduating from the University, i  started working with SKAY ENGLISH ACADEMY.

Working at SKAY ENGLISH ACADEMY has been a great opportunity,
 to not only meet many different kinds of people  but also a learning platform in my career.
Plus the professionalism of the SKAY ENGLISH ACADEMY staffs has made my stay here enjoyable  
and therefore its not a so soon ending stay.

When am not teaching, i like spending time with my family,traveling, cycling, reading books and playing guitar or drums.







Kaisei Hemsley(ヘムズリー海生)
幼児~大人英会話当 General Affairs and Support.Instructor Infant-Adult

出身:日本 Place of Birth:Tsuyama, Japan


Born 26.06.1995 in Tsuyama.Has one younger sister currently studying at university in Okayama.

A little bit about myself.I love sports,outdoors and going out on the weekend and having a good time with my friends and girlfriend.I have been playing soccer since I was 4 years old and love fishing as much as I love soccer!

After graduating J.H.S here in Tsuyama I decided to spend my 3 years of High School in New Zealand and lived with my grandmother and cousin.

After finishing H.S. in N.Z. I decided to come back to Tsuyama and work with my father.When I arrived back, my father (Stephen) offered me the opportunity to try translating and interpreting with Manchester United Soccer School, so from 2014 I was lucky enough to interpret for them for 2 years over school holiday breaks and in 2016 for one of the top European professional rugby teams, Leicester Tigers as well.

If you are unsure about your English, that`s ok.We are always here to support you so don`t be shy and please come and learn English together with us!  :)